A Great Place to Work

Lansing Car Wash is part of a family owned car wash company that operates 22 car washes in 7 states. We have been in the PEOPLE business since 1963! We wash cars, but what separates us from competitors and other businesses is OUR PEOPLE. Our customers visit us for a memorable experience that OUR PEOPLE create.  Our turnover is less than 10% per year, an unheard of statistic in retail. We are always looking for friendly, caring, enthusiastic and engaged PEOPLE to join our team.

Personel Amarie 400x300px


I love helping our guests chose the right services. I enjoy coming to work every day because it will be fun and I will meet a lot of new people.

Personel Cameron 400x300px


I like serving our customers and seeing how happy they are with a clean, shiny, dry car.

Personel Stephanie 400x300px


I enjoy taking care of customers and the people I work with. Every day is fun and rewarding.